Some Android Phone Makers Caught Lying About Security Updates

According to a study revealed by Wired, Some Android Phone Makers Caught Lying About Security Updates. According to the report, some Android phone makers tell users via the update information within their devices’ settings that they got the latest security updates. But actually they are not providing any security features in their updates.

According to Wired, Some Android Phone Makers Caught Lying About Security Updates including Samsung, Huawei etc

Furthermore, Wired and researchers at the Security Research Lab (SRL) based in Germany had collectively prepared this report. They have been  searching for the past two-years to check if the security updates have actually been included in software updates.

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SRL’s Karsten Nohl told Wired

“Sometimes these guys just change the date without installing any patches. Probably for marketing reasons, they just set the patch level to almost an arbitrary date, whatever looks best.”

SRL has also tested 1,200 devices from many Android smartphone makers. At the end, SRL found that Google smartphones were the only ones that contained all the security patches that were advertized in software updates released in 2017.

According to the wired and SRL,

  • The smartphones from Samsung, Sony, and Wiko, on average, were missing zero to one of the security patches advertised in updates from 2017.
  • Phones from Xiaomi, OnePlus, and also Nokia were missing one to three of the advertised security patches.
  • Phones from HTC, Huawei, LG, and Motorola were missing three to four of advertised security patches.
  • The smartphones from TCL and ZTE were missing four or more of the advertised security patches.

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