Android Users Spent Nearly 325 Billion Hours in Apps in Q3 2017

According to a new report, Android Users spent nearly 325 Billion hours in apps in Q3 2017. People today spend more time in using apps and downloading. In just a short period of three months, android apps users reaches to upper level.

Android Users Spent Nearly 325 Billion Hours in Apps in Q3 2017

The statistics on how much money we’re spending in-app are just as staggering. In Q3 2017 alone, in-app purchases accounted for nearly $17 billion, with a year on year growth of 28 percent. Apple was the clear winner in this category with iOS users spending nearly double that of Android users, even as the Play Store saw more downloads than the App Store.

These numbers are showing that app downloads and in-app purchases are a runaway freight train right now. They show little signs of slowing down as emerging markets continue to get access to mobile devices and mature markets show an increasing willingness to spend money within apps. The report forecasts that in the year 2021 worldwide downloads will hit almost 240 billion for Android and iOS combined, with consumers spending over $100 billion.

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Source: Android Authority

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