15 Best Android Wallpaper Apps to Try – Top Wallpaper Apps 2022

Most of us like to see different and unique wallpapers on our Android devices when they open them. Because wallpapers make our smartphone’s home screen more attractive. It is the fact that we don’t put our smartphones down from our hands and if we do it then of course for a very short time. We use our phone more than any other device every day, and the wallpaper on the home is the first thing that we observe when we open it. This is the reason we always try to choose the best wallpapers for our smartphones. To try new and unique wallpapers, you can use Android Wallpaper Apps.

15 Best Android Wallpaper Apps to Try – Top Wallpaper Apps 2021

These Android Wallpaper apps are not only facilitating you to find wallpapers but can also provide you the correct size of wallpapers that suits your device. These apps can also update your screen daily with new wallpapers.

So, today, we have put together a list of wallpaper apps that make it so convenient for you to set awesome backgrounds on your smartphones. This list will definitely save your time and prevent you to search through millions of photos on the web.

You can select any of the following cool wallpaper apps for Android below to make your screen more stunning.

List of Top Android Wallpaper Apps

  • Muzei Live Wallpaper
  • Wallpapers by Google
  • Reddit
  • Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds
  • Tapet
  • Backgrounds HD
  • Abstruct
  • Walpy
  • Wonderwall
  • Cool Wallpapers HD
  • ZEDGE™ Wallpapers
  • Backdrops – Wallpapers
  • Weather Live Wallpaper
  • MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers
  • Google search

Let’s discuss them in the detail one by one.

1- Muzei Live Wallpaper

cool android wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is one of the free android wallpaper apps. This app is providing tons of high-quality wallpapers to make your home-screen attractive. The most interesting thing about the app is that it rotates wallpapers on your home screen and you won’t feel bored by the same wallpapers on your home screen.

In this app, you can get two options. You can select wallpapers and images from your gallery or tap into Muzei’s exhaustive gallery of artwork. Each artwork has a bit of a history lesson. This app is also supporting Android Wear. Muzei is absolutely free for users. It is open-source, and other developers integrate Muzei into their apps. It is no doubt such an amazing app.

Muzei Live Wallpaper is cool android wallpaper with 500 fire papers, Muzei frequently changes the wallpapers of classical art. If you do not adjust the settings, Muzei will be able to compute a new backdrop each day through popular works of art. You may also pick photographs from your own personal gallery, either similar one or random if you don’t want to see renowned art.

Besides that, you need to send a bokeh (blurred) effect to your wallpaper so that your App icons and home screen can remain a champion. It is designed typically to prevent the background of the other items, whether applications or widgets, on your phone. But if you want to display the entire picture at any moment unblurred, just touch the button twice. This application provides multiple features, including Android Wear and Dashclock.

Muzei Live Wallpapers is the best wallpaper app for android that is fully free of charge for art lovers. As we saw with the dash clock, the platform allows extensions. Muzei causes a lot of fascination for developers and we saw some great Muzei extensions.

To Download: Click Here

2- Wallpapers by Google

free android wallpaper hd

This is a wallpaper app for the best phone wallpapers by Google and comes with a huge collection of wallpapers from Google+, Google Earth, and some other sources. This app makes you able to set separate wallpapers for the home-screen and lock-screen from the app. In the app, all the wallpapers are divided into various categories such as Landscapes, Seascapes, cityscapes, geometric shapes, etc. The app is free to use. You can also get a daily wallpaper feature that shows a new wallpaper each day from a selected category.

The Wallpapers by Google also show the world one wallpaper on the lock screen and keep one for yourself on your home screen. Enjoy the stunning wallpaper and advanced features on your screen. Choose your own images, Google Earth picture, scenic Google+ landscape, and more. Change it as many times as you want so that your phone is still your style. Wallpapers by Google gives beautiful wallpaper for android phone.

To Download: Click Here

3- Reddit

Reddit is the best android wallpaper maker app and one of the surprisingly good wallpaper apps. Some subreddits are offering them tons of decent wallpaper choices in multiple resolutions. Reddit also features a search for quicker, easier results. Basic Reddit accounts are free but you can get additional features with Reddit Gold.

We all know the Reddit chat forum, where almost everything is talked about. Surprisingly, in different resolutions users share a lot of good wallpaper pictures. Some are creative artists who want to upload Reddit’s works. You can check the keyword easily and find similar photos in the app with special features such as “galaxy punch-hole wallpaper” or “Infinity-O Display.” Also, it’s worthwhile to search for any positive items in r/ultrahdwallpapers r/wallpapers+wallpapers, r/wallpapers, and r/WQHD Wallpaper.

To Download: Click Here

4- Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

full hd wallpaper for android

Walli comes with a unique collection of the best Android wallpapers for your smartphones. The Walli app has selected top artists from all over the world with the best artwork. The Walli shares a percentage of their earnings with those graphic artists who contribute to the arts.

The walli’s home interface is divided into four sections: categories, recent, popular, and featured. Furthermore, you will also find a wide variety of categories in the app where you can browse for hours to find the best wallpaper. Each category is further subdivided into recent and popular sections.

Also, you can browse for hours to find the desired wallpaper in several categories. The new and common parts are also categorized into each group. You will have the user to check in to stay synchronized on several devices.

To Download: Click Here

5- Tapet

cool android wallpaper

Tapet is a cool wallpaper app for android. It helps you to find the best Android wallpapers to give a fresh look to your smartphone. The most interesting thing about the app is that it is not downloading any wallpaper from the web but it creates them on your device with the help of algorithms.

The app is also giving you the option to configure the app to set up a new wallpaper hourly or daily. The wallpaper created by the app will make your smartphone’s screen more attractive. Other than that, you will also get to see the Muzei support, history of applied and liked wallpapers, etc.

Tapet is comparatively new, it has rapidly become more popular. It creates one for you instead of simply providing wallpapers to choose from. You can pick a pattern of many colors and the app creates wallpaper for you. More patterns and effects are available with the latest edition and the app can be downloaded free of charge with few in-app purchases.

To Download: Click Here

6- Backgrounds HD

best Backgrounds wallpapers

Backgrounds HD is one of the best free wallpapers applications for Android that has more than 100 million downloads. It covers a broad assortment of backdrops with more than 30 unique classifications. Before setting the backdrop, you can harvest, channel, and select different backdrop modes. It can likewise set backdrops from inside the application.

Background HD provides several hundred pictures to choose from. Backgrounds HD you should change your wallpaper daily and check for category photos. In comparison to other Android wallpaper applications, this one has a very nice interface to ease the search. You will select from thousands of photos and the number is increasing constantly. Each image has a high resolution and has been selected by the OGQ personnel. Not all wallpaper apps will exchange images and that is what separates Background HD from the other applications.

You can also see a favorite tab within the app where you can store your favorite images and a history tab to view the wallpapers that you have used before. You can upload your work by signing in to the app. It is free but supports ads.

To Download: Click Here

7- Abstruct

best wallpapers

Abstruct is one of the top free wallpaper apps for Android. The app is designed by Hampus Olsson, who also created the psychedelic wallpapers for the OnePlus handsets. It is not an ordinary Android wallpaper app but it is a symbolization of creativity, a mix of abstract and surreal.

Abstruct is not just an Android wallpaper application — it’s representation of imagination, blend of abstract and surreal. Indeed, behind Abstruct, the concept is “Abstract and Destruct,” which in these cool wallpapers is instantly noticeable. 
Let’s talk about the wallpaper app, enough of the classicism. The Android app includes over 4K resolution with 
300 wallpapers and provide 4k wallpaper phone. The interface features wallpapers curated as stacks under numerous collections. Although Abstruct has combination of warm and glowing colors, there are no big settings for the Android version. In this Android wallpaper application, there is range of other features such 
as “Dark Theme,” “Auto wallpaper” and“Adding to Favorites.” Another huge drawback is that certain wallpaper packs are locked for the $1.99 pro edition.

To Download: Click Here

8- Walpy

cool android wallpapercool android wallpaper

Walpy is a new app but comes with a bunch of excellent android wallpapers in quite a high resolution. You can experience different wallpapers changes at various points in the day but it is not relying on timers. However, it stops changing the wallpapers until the phone is charging or on WiFi. You will find a lot of variety. The app has mostly photography so you won’t see abstract or anything like that in the app. It is the best app with some decent selections. The app has mostly photography so you won’t see abstract or anything like that in the app. It is the best app with some decent selections. You will enjoy a new wallpaper app every day without affecting your battery, data, or output without having to pick several wallpapers!

Walpy is basically an application that can be used to adjust the wallpaper automatically regularly without ever looking for it. It has a vast range of wallpapers on a site called unsplash.com, which was one of Google Play Store’s most favorite recent app. You may use it to search for a particular wallpaper to use. Any time you wish, you can also alter or organize it. Any time you open your phone with Walpy, you will have a special experience with cool phone wallpapers.

This app is simple for people who want to find a new wallpaper every day and I really recommend it. Various wallpapers match any phone size. You will also be able to save your favorite photo and change the wallpaper daily. Just sit back and continuously watch the phone update. You’re never going to get bored again with your phone with the amazing app with cool wallpapers for android.

To Download: Click Here

9- Wonderwall

free android wallpaper hd
Wonderwall is not so popular android wallpaper app but it boasts a collection of massive photos for wallpaper use. The photos in-app comes with huge resolutions. The new wallpapers are slower to appear than others but there are advantages to a 100% curated collection. This is a free android wallpaper app with some in-app purchase options. It’s a new application, so it’s also a good application. Wonderwall has a host of hand-selected images that show different landscapes to download.

The software is updated regularly, and your wallpaper is also downloaded automatically by the app. Wonderwall has outstanding interface quality and is easy to use. When you enjoy the scenery, the photo options are small but perfect for smartphone wallpapers.

To Download: Click Here

10- Cool Wallpapers HD

cool android wallpaper

This software stands out from the crowd due to its large selection of photographs and simple navigation. There are thousands of pictures for you to pick from. More than 100,000 images and artworks are publicly available and more best mobile wallpapers are added every day.

It’s amazingly easy to access Cool Wallpapers HD so you can effectively deterrent your pictures. While this app is not as popular as Backgrounds HD, it remains well known for its users, with over 300,000 ratings obtaining a 4.8 out of the 5-star ranking. You can select from hundreds of HD wallpapers, which you can check by section. It is also supported by Android and is completely free without in-app purchases.

To Download: Click Here


Top android wallpaper

Zedge is currently the most common app with sound tones, warning tones, wallpapers, and notification tones. The application integrates a variety of items, including black pictures and tones, which you cannot find elsewhere. You can check for wallpapers by name, but when you open the app, some of them will appear in a featured list. The campaign is very unusual, but if you’re looking for nice tones and beautiful images, it’s a great application. The app is valued by millions of people is among the best stuff about Zedge ringtones and wallpapers. It has phone wallpapers HD quality.

The software has not only millions of users but also millions of absolutely free downloads per month. You don’t need to think about changing the picture to make certain that it best suit; the app takes care of it for you. HD wallpapers are designed for your display screen. This app includes the best free wallpaper app.

To Download: Click Here

12- Backdrops

free android wallpaper hd

Backdrops provide thousands of unique phone wallpapers and abstract arts on your home screen to artistic users. A range of innovative styles, classic and contemporary graphics is available in this free wallpaper app with beautiful  android wallpapers

The wall of the day features often in backgrounds, where the team introduces its latest creation. This is a perfect source of numerous Android backgrounds such as the stuff of the design, shapes, the landscape, outer space, earth views, and much more. You may think about purchasing an app for the pro pack of exclusive premium wallpapers if you love the original design.

To Download: Click Here

13- Weather Live Wallpaper

best wallpaper

Weather back, which is cool in its box, is the best pick on our list. How do you see the latest weather on your screen? See the raindrops decrease, the snow builds gradually, then see the weather freezing, and your display freezes. This live wallpaper is an alternative for your weather widget of old fashion.

The application obtains Accuweather’s weather forecast with satellite and displays Celcius’ temperature. You can also imitate and change your preferred weather conditions with various results rather than present the actual weather conditions with cool wallpaper for android.

To Download: Click Here

14- MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers

best wallpaper

MTP Ringtones Wallpapers is customizable app that offers wide variety of common free tones, wallpapers,
games, and apps. Daily updates of your Android phone’s free and excellent mobile content. It offers an interesting statistic of wallpaper photos as well as ringtones, warning tones, and alert tones. The option is not as good as Background HD or Cool Wallpaper HD, but it’s a strong application with good design elements.

If you know Zedge, it functions exactly the same way. Also free to use is MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers, which is a strong choice if you also need nice loads, download the app to get cool wallpapers for android.

To Download: Click Here

15- Google Search – Wallpapers

Possibly Google Search is the most simple wallpaper function. The easiest and most simple way to find the best wallpapers on Google Search. Make the most of your display with beautiful wallpapers and advanced features. Choose one of your own photos, an image from the Google search. You can simply search for your desired andtop wallpapers. It is providing you a vast variety and a cool collection. You can find unique wallpapers on the daily basis.

The downside is that you must be imaginative to discover good products. When it comes to wallpapers and backgrounds, there are ample flabby and Google Search filters none. However, if none of these other wallpaper applications are doing the trick, we suggest either start with or finish with Google Search.


The best wallpaper applications listed above. Instead of using normal android live wallpapers, you must try these applicationsas they display lower battery usage of your device versions. Well, All the apps on this list come
with high-quality wallpapers and use less space on your phone as well. 
All wallpaper has its advantages and drawbacks. Many cool phone wallpapers will drain your battery. Some can replace essential icons on your home screen and allow you to be reprimanded. However, the wallpaper applications we covered did not show those issues. Currently, they are the finest wallpaper apps in 2021.
Let us know which wallpaper for your Android you would like best. We also expect you to share your free Android wallpaper app. Joy!

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