‘Angry Birds Rio’ is Free App of the Week

‘Angry Birds Rio’ is Free App of the Week

Good News for Apple Lovers! The World’s most popular game is free for a week. It is the free app of the week, and for those that do not like to buy apps no matter what they cost, now you can link up with the popular Angry Birds Rio game for free.

[blockquote cite=”Apple”] Angry Birds Rio brought more of the same bird-flinging action that we all are quite familiar with by now, but also threw a couple of new very welcome twists into the formula. First and foremost are the boss fights, which were a first for the Angry Birds series and have you squaring off against the main antagonists from the Rio movie. The game also utilized more advanced graphics and recently was updated with tons of new power-ups and support for the widescreen of the iPhone 5.

The value of Game is $0.99 for the iPhone and $2.99 for the iPad. Angry Birds Rio brought the first new twist to the Angry Birds genre and Rovio has since updated the app with power-ups (in-app purchases) which give users extra anti-monkey tools to work with while hurling the birds off the sling-shot.


To download CLICK HERE

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