Another Anonymous App ‘tbh’ Took Internet by Storm after Saraha

Now a days Anonymous Apps are very famous among youth. Many parents are worried due to cyber bullying problems occurring due to these Apps. Another Anonymous App ‘tbh’ Took Internet by Storm after Saraha.

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tbh is on the top of Google App Store. The anonymous app called tbh is a kind of honest app that allows people to communicate with their friends anonymously. It allows users to exchange compliments which are sent via in app quizzes.

Another Anonymous App tbh Took Internet by Storm after Saraha

tbh connect to your address book so that you can easily find people you know. It provides a series of polls about your friends. The questions keep on changing but they all are positive.

like other anonymous app, tbh also keep your identity secret but users are able to see details about who picked them.



When a friend chooses you in a poll you earn gems with which you can open more features within App. Currently this App is available in handful of states. tbh has even surpassed Facebook, Snapchat, Gmail and other apps which were previously on the top of App store.

The best thing about tbh is that it only allows positive polls unlike Saraha which was only used to bully each other. Sarhaha had created an alarming situation for many parents. Many experts have asked parents to discourage their Kids to use this App. Well apart fro this a huge round off applause for a young programmer who launched it.

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