APP of the day | Cuto Wallpaper + Tiny Apps|16th Feb, 2017

APP of the day | Cuto Wallpaper + Tiny Apps

This program is based on smartphone app review, where we’ll discuss apps and their amazing features.

Today we are going to review – Cuto Wallpaper

Cuto is a simple wallpaper app, you can find your favorite wallpaper in a minute instead of lost in tons of images.

“This is probably the one of the most high-quality wallpaper apps.” — Zachary Anderson @ ‘Best Android Apps – October 2016’

▲ Choose your own wallpapers ▲

Instead of providing you with cropped images, Cuto gives you the options. Simply sliding around the image, you can choose your favourite part and set as your wallpaper.

▲ Pick wallpapers from Unsplash ▲

Although there are tons of high-quality images on Unsplah, not all of them are the best-fit wallpapers. Therefore, we’ve hand-picked from the Unsplash, and provide you with the most suitable once.

▲ Less is more ▲

Cuto updates once a week on Friday with 6-9 new wallpapers. You may not change your wallpaper too often. Comparing to the quantity, we care more about the quality. When you want to change your wallpaper, just open Cuto, choose one you like quickly and easily.

Today we are going to review – Tiny Apps

Are you ready for true multitasking?
Tiny Apps are 18 floating apps, shown in small windows and staying on top of any other app. This makes multitasking a lot easier and boosts everyone’s productivity!

» 18 apps
The following 12 apps are included: Notes, Audio Recorder, Paint, Web Browser, Music Player, Applauncher, Stopwatch, Video Player, Widgets, Calculator, File Explorer, Contacts, Gallery, Systeminfo, Camera, Translator, Network-Monitor, Calendar.

» Convincing functionality
All windows can be moved and resized. Furthermore, apps can be minimized to a small icon to save space.

» Simple design
Tiny Apps comes in a simple and easy design to give you a satisfying user-experience.

» True mutlitasking
There is no limit on the amount of simultaneously running apps. Feel free to run as many floating apps as you want!

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