APP of the day |MoodCast diary + SystemPanel 2 | 1st Feb, 2017

APP of the day | MoodCast diary  + SystemPanel 2

This program is based on smartphone app review, where we’ll discuss apps and their amazing features.

Today we are going to review – MoodCast diary

Keep track of your daily mood & activities effortlessly and intelligently, find patterns and build new habits.

– Track mood effortlessly

– Collect data from social networks & apps

– Smart mood prediction

– Find patterns & build new habits

Today we are going to review – SystemPanel 2

The app is designed to work with or without root access. Root access is recommended on Android 7 and later, because Android 7 adds some fairly draconian restrictions on the ability for a user to see what is running on his/her device. SystemPanel will not use root by default, but you can enable it on the “General” settings page. Version 2 is greatly expanding support for root users, with features such as enabling/disabling apps, permissions, and individual services.

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