Apple Airpods 3: News, Specs and Release Date

The latest wireless earbuds offer more than just cable-free. If you’re listening to music, sharing a podcast or watching Netflix, you should expect a good match, long battery life and clear sound audio. Only a few months back, Apple revealed a slight update to the initial AirPods Apple released the updated AirPods (2019), but the Apple Airpods 3 is now murmuring that it could bring a true earbuds scene in 2020 and we just can’t wait.  

The fully wireless earbuds have ruled the market for headphones since the first Apple AirPods debuted in 2016, being an emblem of the company’s sleek interface practices and consumer friendly technology. For a business that doesn’t announce completely new products all too much, AirPods are a resounding success tale. By early 2019 Apple launched the AirPods 2.  

 Better sound than the AirPods 2 

The sound quality provided by true wireless earbuds has soared since the introduction of the first AirPods; just look at the Sony WF-1000XM3. They have a vibrant, strong appearance, but when it comes to higher-frequency noises they that sound somewhat rough, so they are not the bassest earbuds on the market. 

In reality, the AirPod earpieces themselves came with an extra hour of battery life as well, while in the event, the juice stayed the same, remaining at 24 hours maximum charge. 

Adjustable Eartips 

Although we have appreciated Apple’s reluctance to change the AirPods configuration–for a while–we think it’s time it furnished the true wireless earbuds with flexible eartips, just like it does with the AirPods Pro. 

Apple never commented on exclusion. Because of this, don’t be shocked to see the brand abandon this year’s initial AirPods version for something anyone will use. Through the gossip mill, the “AirPods 3″ might very well be the AirPods Pro Lite. 

Release Date

It is expected to be released alongside iPhone 9 and iPad Pro on March 31st.

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