Apple CEO releases this statement for #BlackLivesMatter

Apple surely not lagging behind in the ongoing protest against racial violence in the America. Tim Cook Apple’s CEO recently released a statement regarding Black Lives matter campaign which is taking place all around the globe. Speaking on racism, Cook nullifies the act of racism and discrimination based on caste, creed and gender and encourages justice and equality.  

He decries this action and stated that communities of color continue to endure this trauma. He further added, that Apple has been on forefront to cope with societal issues not only the U.S but in other parts of the world as well. Cook emphasize on starting a mission to create a technology that empowers people irrespective of their caste, color and religion.  

He does not commit himself explicitly to further donations or specific actions. However, the assertion was given considerable attention on the webpage. Brands around the world are in the process of releasing statements about the Black Lives Matter cause. And some put more weight behind it than others. Apple’s statement may be criticised as a sign of morality by others, but it has made its point clear in such a way that it is prepared to be held accountable in the future. 


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