Apple Filled a Patent for a Blood Pressure Monitor

Apple has filed a patent for a device which might take the company beyond the world of health care. This new device is a health care product. It is a wearable blood pressure monitor.

The patent showed that the design is for a wearable blood pressure monitor cuff which is equipped with a sensor. This monitor cuff track that when a wearer’s blood pressure might be spiking high or swimming  low.

Apple Filled a Patent for a Blood Pressure Monitor

The device might come with a touchscreen or might be Bluetooth compatible. The patent indicates that like any other blood pressure measurement devices, Apple wearable blood pressure monitor cuff is a collection of tiny airbags, or cells. It exert pressure on the wearer’s arm and cut off blood flow.

From there, this new kind of device gets a measure of the maximum output of heart, or its systolic pressure. The Apple’s patent indicates that their new device is planned to have a one sensor or several, in each airbag to measure the blood’s pressure flows through the arm or leg of users. The device have also an actuator that measure the level of pressure which needs to get accurate reading without crushing the arm of users.

As the blood pressure is increasing very rapidly now-a-days, and it is very necessary to diagnose this disease on time. It seems Apple has realized this rising health issue and to overcome this issue, it plans to work on this new device.

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