Apple Hints at Changing iPad Logo Orientation

The iPad was initially designed to be used primarily in portrait orientation, with the Apple logo placed vertically on the back. However, as Apple continues to market the iPad as a potential laptop replacement, more users are interacting with it in landscape orientation, especially when using accessories like the Magic Keyboard. This shift in usage has led to questions about whether Apple will ever change the orientation of the logo on the back of the iPad.

In a recent interview with Numerama, reported by MacRumors, Apple industrial designer Molly Anderson addressed this question. She acknowledged that the current vertical logo might not be permanent. Anderson stated, “This could change” in the future, suggesting that Apple is aware of the increasing preference for landscape mode and may adjust the logo orientation accordingly.

Apple Hints at Changing iPad Logo Orientation

Anderson explained that users can hold the versatile iPad in any direction. However, she also recognized that landscape mode has become more popular in recent years, particularly with the use of keyboard accessories and the iPad’s growing role as a laptop alternative. This shift has made the vertically oriented Apple logo seem out of place when the device is in a landscape position.

Apple has already made some adjustments that reflect the growing preference for landscape orientation. For instance, the 10th generation iPad, released in 2022, features a front camera positioned at the centre of the screen when the device is in a landscape position. This design choice has been carried over to newer models like the M2 iPad Air and the M4 iPad Pro. Additionally, since iPadOS 14.5, the Apple logo aligns with the device’s orientation during the boot process, whether it is in portrait or landscape positions.

While changing the orientation of the Apple logo on the back of the iPad may seem like a minor, cosmetic update, it would signify a significant shift in how to perceive and use the iPad. Such a change would align the iPad more closely with MacBooks, which have the logo oriented for optimal visibility in landscape mode. It would also reflect Apple’s recognition of the iPad’s evolving role from a supplementary device to a primary computing tool for many users.

Such a change would align the iPad more closely with MacBooks, which have the logo oriented for optimal visibility in landscape mode

This potential redesign raises an interesting discussion among Apple enthusiasts and iPad users. The adjustment would be more than just a cosmetic tweak; it would symbolize Apple’s commitment to evolving its products based on user behaviour and feedback. Aligning the logo with the most common usage orientation reinforces the iPad’s versatility and modern functionality.

Would you like to see the Apple logo in landscape orientation on the back of iPads? Such a change could enhance the aesthetic coherence of Apple’s product lineup and better reflect how users interact with their devices today. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. This feedback could potentially influence future design decisions and help shape the evolution of Apple’s iconic tablet.

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