Apple iMac redesign coming soon. Here’s when?

Apple iMac is subject to a refresh and we might get it next year according to industry sources. However, the details remain sketchy; leaker Sonny Dickson wants the Pro Display XDR and the iPad Pro to inspire its style, but we don’t know anything else. 

Thus designer Daniel Bautista decided to imagine how this all-new iMac might look like. It comes in sizes of 24 “and 27” with a new backlit keyboard and a raft of fun features. 

The iMac design sports a much smaller bezel than recent versions, just as the MacBook Pro 16. Not only did the dense black borders vanish, but the chunky “chin” at the bottom of the unit was also gone, leaving virtually nothing but the front panel. 

The original iMac is famous for its tapered corners, but in lieu of the squared-off sides seen in the new iPad Pro, Bautista ‘s style dispenses with those. This makes a lot of sense, since the iPhone 12 is commonly expected to embrace this design standard, so expecting the iMac to follow suit is not within the scope of possibility. 

Since this is a mere mockup, Apple iMac redesign may look quite different. But we should take comfort from the fact that the leakers and observers have listed several of Bautista’s inclusions before. When this idea sounds like Apple’s update, there will be plenty of pleased Mac owners out there. 

Nayab Khan

Nayab Khan is a freelance tech-writer whose specialty is absorbing the key data and articulating the most important points. She helps IT based organizations communicate their message clearly across multiple channels.
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