RIP iPhone X : You will be Missed

Apple iPhone X was released last year in October and everyone who bought it was probably an Apple Superfan. The sad news is Apple iPhone X discontinued and Apple will no longer sell the iPhone X. It was the best phone from Apple but now it will be no longer available.

Apple iPhone X discontinued

The main reason could be because of the new iPhone XS has the same starting price, that means now apple would to offer some special discount on iPhone XApple iPhone X discontinued, Apple users are not happy with it because the new iPhone prices are way too expensive.

Some rumors are spreading that iPhone X was just an experimental device and it cost a lot to produce. So, Apple will not offer a discount on it. The upcoming iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS are identical twins of iPhone X.

when iPhone X was released last year, it was considered the best smartphone from the Apple company. It was a huge revolution step because it has Face ID and a high-end camera. It was a competitor to Huawei P20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S9. If you are having iPhone X then you don’t need to upgrade to iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS because of they just differ in sizes, same as iPhone X.


Apple iPhone X discontinued and it another proof is if you search iPhone X on Apple’s official website. It takes you directly to the Apple’s new phone page, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. It shows that Apple iPhone X is no longer available. The last time Apple discontinued an iPhone model a year after announcing it was the iPhone 5, released in 2012 and canned in 2013.

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