Apple is after Samsung Galaxy S3, Note and Tab.

Apple is after Samsung Galaxy S3, Note and Tab.

Apple scored a success in an Apple vs. Samsung trial a Northern California court, so Apple is stepping up its war against Samsung. Now Apple is after the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab.

Apple’s prior complaints focused on the older Galaxy models, so even a ban was unlikely to make a immense dent in Samsung’s sales. But the new amended suit targets either the latest models or global bestsellers. This additional lawsuits appear to be an attempt to continue the offensive against Samsung to gain the upper hand before the dust settles from the earlier jury decision.

A Samsung spokesman said:
“It’s a pity that lawsuits are being favored over market competition and innovation,”
“We plan to take legal measures to ensure that customers face no problems in choosing Samsung’s innovative products.”

Apple would no doubt like to put the their emphasis on the Samsung Galaxy S3 because it helped increase Samsung’s lead over Apple in the two companies’ smart-phone sales competition. Samsung is fighting back and let’s wait and watch who’ll be the ultimate winner of this patent war!

Source: CNET

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