Apple Led Global Smartphone Profits in 2016, Samsung Stood Second

According to latest research from Strategy AnalyticsApple Led Global Smartphone Profits in 2016. As per its estimation, Apple captured 79.2 percent profit in 2016. More, Apple generated an operating profit of $44.9 billion and had a profit margin of 32.4 percent.

Apple Led Global Smartphone Profits in 2016, Samsung Stood Second

Whereas, Samsung stood second by gaining 14.6 percent of the global profits. Moreover, Samsung captured operating profit of $8.3 billion. No doubt, there is a huge difference between both rival’s profit figures. We can say that the reason behind this loss is Note 7 fiasco. As we all know that Samsung has to face a huge loss due to Galaxy Note 7.

However, Samsung is quite hopeful this year to increase this figure by the launch of its latest Galaxy S8. After Note 7 incident, Samsung is more conscious about the launch of its next upcoming smartphones. Same is the case with S8. No doubt, Samsung S8 will be a high end smartphones with so many extraordinary specifications.

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Moreover, other Chinese companies are also gaining more popularity. Among them, most famous brands now-a-days are, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo. Huawei posted an operating profit of $929 million last year, which is just 1.6 percent of the global profits. It is followed by OPPO, a company that took 1.5 percent of the global profits. Moreover,  Vivo gained 1.3 percent profit margin.

All the mentioned companies are striving hard to increase their profit rate. For that reason, these companies have launched high-end smartphones. In the recent event at MWC, Huawei has launched its latest smartphone P10 and P10 Plus. Same is the case with Samsung. Samsung is trying hard to make its upcoming smartphone a big hit. And also to overcome the loss that company faced due to Note 7 incident.

Some rumors also claimed that Samsung is planning to relaunch its Note 7 smartphone. Moreover, rumors also claim that Samsung will start selling Note 7 in June 2017. However, Note 7 will come with improved batteries and cases.

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