Apple Maps Latest Update Includes Detailed Indoor Maps

Apple is starving hard to make its Maps more accurate and better. For that reason, Apple is kept on introducing many new features in the app. Now the Apple Maps Latest Update Includes Detailed Indoor Maps. Apple Maps has now scored detailed indoor maps for over 20 shopping malls and airports across the US, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Apple Maps Latest Update Includes detailed indoor maps for over 20 shopping malls and airports

The Apple Maps latest update will allow the users to zoom in and explore the layouts of the supported venues. Restaurants, shops, fast-food joints, and most other venues will be displayed for your convenience at the mall, as well as service areas like restrooms, elevators, and stairs.

In airports, you will be able to view terminals, boarding gates, and check-in areas. No doubt such information will surely help the users a lot and will save a lot of their time.

How to Use the new Feature?

Using this feature is very simple. The user can make use of the feature by zooming on the location in question and tapping on the “Look inside” button that will appear.

Previously, Apple has collaborated with Ito World in order to add bike-sharing data in Apple Maps. This update is rolling out in over 175 cities across 36 countries. Apple Maps helps you to find the nearest bike-sharing station. Users can avail this service by typing “bike sharing” in the search bar or the name of the service.

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