Apple New Products will Blow Your Mind: Tim Cook 

Some thing good is coming our way.

Apple is known for manufacturing new products, and this is the reason that the company has become a status symbol. Anyone using an iPhone is considered to be sophisticated and lavish. It is obvious as the company is the first one to launch certain new products for the very first time, which have gained popularity. Be it Mac Book, iPhone or Apple watch, it product are quite expensive and are only bought by the upper class. This time much more is coming our ways as the CEO of the company Tim Cook has revealed that Apple new Products which are queued will blow your mind.

Can you Guess The Apple New Products?

This is the very first time we have got a hint from the tech giant as it usually gives people surprises and seldom gives any teasers etc. This news was revealed by NBC News who took the interview of Tim Cook. The company design team is very efficient and are working on a various product that users will not be expecting. Anyhow this news has come after Apple’s chief design offer Jony Ive’s has waved goodbye to the company.

Media couldn’t stop creating alarm situation among users and predicted that Jony departure will also lead to the departure of the iPhone as he was the sole brain behind it. It seems in order to settle down the Apple Users, the company’s founder has passed this statement. But we can expect anything from Apple so it might be possible that the company’s products will blow your mind.

Well, we cannot comment or guess what coming next as Tim Cooks has not disclosed the detail about the upcoming projects. However, one thing is sure that Apple iPhone will be launched soon so maybe its more than we could expect. People are also hoping to see the AR glasses, and according to rumours the design team is efficiently working on it, and it will be ready by 2020. What do you think Mr Tim meant ming blowing Apple upcoming products? Let us know in the comments section below.

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