Apple Planning to Launch AirTags Soon in Different Sizes

Apple is ready to announce the launch of its AirTags very soon, as revealed in some reports. Apple has confirmed it is working on a new product named “AirTags,” which are small trackers that can be put on regular products such as keys, wallets, and bags to find certain products on the iPhone. There is also a rumor on the market that Apple AirTag comes in two sizes: one big and one small. Some reliable sources have leaked this information. But the company has not been confirmed the actual size of AirTags.

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Apple Planning to Launch AirTags Soon, with Different Sizes

AirTag with the circular white tags with an Apple logo was smaller as reviewed the internal technology images on the iOS 13. It could be a larger one this time. They are supposed to be attached to adhesive objects or a binding point, such as a ring. Also, it might be they can be used for multiple products in more than one way.

Apple AirTags

Apple is currently working tirelessly to produce as many as possible. But in the October or November events, we expected that Apple would make the announcement. Unfortunately, Apple will push the announcement of AirTag until March 2021 because of production issues. The only positive thing is that Apple has promptly confirmed the AirTags announcement.

Another buzz on the market is that Apple is to make its AirTags debut in the month of November with Apple’s $600 AirPods Studio. Right now, though, it is a rumor. Many stuff is still unclear about the AirTags, so we may have to wait for launch to find out more about them.



It is rumored that Apple might be planning a third fall event on November 17, focusing on Apple Silicon Macs but also seeing AirTags ‘s debut. Hopefully, in the coming days, the company will announce something official.

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