Apple Plans to Update its Apple Watch with a Solid-State Button

Apple plans to make a change to the Apple Watch. It might replace its physical button for a solid-state which provides haptic feedback.

Apple’s plans to keep the same configuration of buttons that will not physically move. It has been reported that the digital crown will still physically move to scroll. In stead of clicking buttons, the next-gen Apple Watch will use touch-sensitive pads designed to pick up on finger movements.

Apple Plans to Update its Apple Watch with a Solid-State Button

In 2015, Apple switched things up with its MacBook Pro’s Force Touch Trackpad and in 2016 with its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. These both devices replaced physical moving parts with surfaces that replicated the feel of a click when pressed.

Most people would think that side of  Apple watch, mounted dial will still rotate and the button that sits near it will no longer click down. The crown will still rotate, but by pressing the button, it will produce a faint vibration, similar to other solid-state designs of Apple which employ haptic feedback.

There are few benefits of change to a solid-state design comes.  According to the source that by removing bulky mechanical parts will provide free space inside the Apple Watch for a larger battery.

Solid-state buttons will make the Apple Watch more water resistant because the opening needed for a physical button is removed.

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