Apple Plans to Use Drones for Mapping & Location Technology

Apple Plans to Use Drones for Mapping & Location Technology. Apple is working hard to build up its location based and mapping data. Mapping and location-based data is suddenly taking a more vital role in mobile technology. According to report, in 2015, 90% of US smartphone users took advantage of location-based services (LBS) for directions, recommendations and other information.

This technology giant is reported to use drones to improve it’s Apple Maps data and compete with the already widely known Google Maps which is actual mapping data leader. Since its launch, it has become a platform for Uber but the firm plans to extends for more updates such as an indoor viewing technology.

Apple Plans to Use Drones for Mapping & Location Technology

Previously Apple Maps was launched in 2012 but it received many negative reviews due to number of graphical errors. In spite of their yearly updates, users were not objected towards Apple Maps and instead still populated the widely known Google Maps.

These new indoor navigation features will be making Maps more accurate, precise and robust. This idea will be incorporated to gain more minute view of things like street signs, road changes and construction. This information could later on be used accordingly to update Maps, giving users a much more accurate representation of their surroundings or local environments.

The firm also attained a Finnish company named Indoor, giving users the ability to view buildings’ interiors. This is to aid users who wander aimlessly in large, busy indoor spaces, such as malls and airports. The new feature will likely be available next year but it could be held back too.

If the Cupertino-based technology firm gets famous by utilizing drones for their Apple Maps updates than there will be 11 different types of drones. That will include senseFly from Parrot, three from DJI, and one from Intel’s AscTec Falcon 8 drones.

This will definitely be a slow start as Apple is in the process of assembling authority figures in data collection and robotics.

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