Apple Released First iOS 12 Beta to Everyone

Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 12 which is the next major version of operating system for iPhone and iPads. Everyone can download iOS 12 Beta without $99 developer account unline developer beta.


iOS 12 Beta- Here’s all you Want to Know

Apple also plans to release iOS 12.0 by September however the company will keep on releasing betas after every few weeks. In this way, bugs and confusions will be fixed soon and company will be able to collect data from a large number of users.

As always, Apple’s betas that are public follow the release pattern of developer betas. And Apple released the 2nd designer beta of iOS 12 weeks. So that it sounds like the first community beta is much more or less the exact same create because the designer builds that is 2nd.

However one shouldn’t download iOS 12 Beta on the primary iPhone and iPad, not because of bugs but actually, some Apps and feature will not work on it at all. So one should be extra cautious to proceed further. However, if you have a secondary device that is iPhone, here’s how you can download it.

  • Head over to Apple’s beta website
  • download the configuration profile.
  • Reboot your device
  • head over to the Settings app.

iOS 12 Beta- Features 

iOS has the following features:

  • performance improvement, especially for older devices.
  •  Improvement in launching apps, triggering the camera and entering text.
  • Screen Time Feature to see and control how much time you spend using each app
  • Notifications can be silenced from the lock screen
  • You also can turn on Do Not Disturb when you’re in a meeting
  • New Power Feature
  • The new file format for augmented reality for developers
  • Workflow app as a new Siri Shortcuts app.
  • Apple is introducing Memoji on the iPhone X

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