Apple Should Get Ready for the Reciprocal Ban in China

The current bans on Huawei will not only affect the performance of the Chinese mobile manufacturer company adversely but the iPhone could be the next. You must be thinking that how? Donald Trump’s sanctions on Huawei prevents US companies from conducting business with it. Imagine if China banned the iPhone, then it will automatically affect Apple’s financial performance, as China is a big market for the iPhone. So Apple should get ready for the reciprocal ban from China.

Apple Should Get Ready for the Reciprocal Ban in China

As we all know that Huawei is facing major disruptions throughout its business and got banned by chip manufacturer ARM and Google’s Android services. However, there are no direct connections to Apple, but this cold war can lead to an economic transformation and China would take steps against America for the Huawei ban, though earlier this year, Huawei offered 5G technology access to Tim Cook and his team.

Although over the last few quarters, the Chinese smartphone market is giving a tough time to the iPhone and making problems to the growth of the iPhone.

Let’s suppose, China takes action against Apple and restricts Apple access to the Chinese market, then Apple would experience a significant cut in profits and sales.

In summation, Not only Apple will suffer from a significant financial hit, but other US companies will also suffer from the current shockwaves. However, this cold war will create a huge mess and economic down fall in both countries.

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