Apple Starts Offering its $29 Battery Replacements Earlier than Expected

As we have already told you that Apple has faced lawsuit on intentionally slowing down the batteries of older phones. Some people also claimed that Apple is doing so to encourage the customers to get the new iPhone. However, Apple refused all these allegations and announced the battery replacement at discounted price. This battery replacement program was expected to start from January. But it seems like Apple does not want its customers to wait more. So, Apple Starts Offering its $29 Battery Replacements two days Earlier than Expected.

Apple Starts Offering its $29 Battery Replacements Earlier than Expected

After all allegations, Apple wrote a letter to its users and apologizes for misunderstanding of older iPhones being slowed down to compensate degrading batteries.

Apple said that:

“We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize.

Apple is allowing its customers to replace the cells on the iPhone6 and up for $29. That is a $50 discount from the usual price of $79. So if you want to take Apple up on this offer, call your nearby Apple Store to schedule an appointment.

As we have already told you that the deal was going to start from January 1st, but the company starts it right away.

Apple said about this

“We expected to need more time to be ready, but we are happy to offer our customers the lower pricing right away. Initial supplies of some replacement batteries may be limited.”

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