Apple Third iOS 12 BETA is Now Available

Attention to all Apple users, the Apple Third iOS 12 BETA version has been released in its public beta program. This allows iPhone and iPad users to install a build of iOS 12 still under development. If you want a peek of the upcoming iOS, Apple will release beta versions every other week over the summers. Moreover, the final version will be available to users around the end of September.

One must not forget that this is only a beta version. There is a fair chance you will lose data in your pictures, notes and other apps. Your device might crash and things may not work smoothly. Hence you are advised to backing up your device to iCloud before installing the beta version.

In order to download the beta version, visit Apple’s beta website, sign up with your Apple ID and download the beta profile. Open the Settings app after restarting the device, and install the iOS update just like any normal software update. Eventually, when the final version comes out, you won’t have to worry about updating as it will occur automatically.

Apple Third iOS 12 Beta: What’s New

The principal feature of the update will obviously be better performance. Users will observe huge improvement while launching apps, capturing pictures and typing messages. A screen time feature will allow users to control the amount of time you spend on each app. A ‘do not disturb feature’ is being added which can be activated if you are in a meeting or busy with something else. You can mute notifications directly from the lock screen. The Apple third IOS 12 update does not end there as developers can benefit from a new file format for augmented reality and also add more information into Siri. The Photos, News and Stocks apps are receiving a boost, along with Apple Books (iBooks). Lastly, Apple is introducing Memoji on the iPhone X, which is a customized avatar that you can utilise in iMessage and FaceTime to represent you.

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