Apple to launch Multi-Device Charger for all its Apple products soon

Apple is not ditching its multi-device charger technology planning yet. Despite the failure of the company’s AirPower product. The tech titan said that it will continue its efforts, this time with a multi-device charger that can charge all Apple devices. It would be a smooth method to charge your AirPods, iPhone, and Apple Watch all at the same time.

According to a recent report of Bloomberg, Apple is working on a multi-device charger with short and long-distance wireless charging technology for the company’s new goal, in which all of the devices can power each other.

Bloomberg writer Gurman wrote in a newsletter that:

I believe Apple has still been working on a multi-device charger that it plans to launch in the future. There’s a reason why the device was supposed to be released in 2017. I also believe Apple is developing short and long-distance wireless charging devices and envisions a future in which all of Apple’s primary gadgets can charge one other. Consider an iPad charging an iPhone, which then charges AirPods or an Apple Watch.

Apple wants all of its devices to be able to charge one another. An iPhone, for example, may charge an Apple Watch and vice versa. Since 2017, the reverse wireless charging capability has been speculated for the iPhone, but nothing has been released. In theory, it would allow users to charge their AirPods or Apple Watch while on the move by placing them on the back of their iPhone.


Nayab Khan

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