Apple to Launch Noise Canceling AirPods in 2019

Apple is working to upgrade its headphone lineup. It is expecting that it will release  high-end version of its wireless noise canceling AirPods headphones with water resistant technology.


According to a new report, Apple is revamping its audio hardware in 2019 with high-end AirPods, over-the-ear headphones and a new HomePod speaker. The AirPods are meant to combat rain and perspiration, but not suitable for swimming.

Apple to Release Noise-Canceling AirPods in 2019

Apple is planning to add biometric sensors for new AirPods that includes a heart-rate monitor. A Barclays analysts also have claimed in an earlier report that Apple would add the noise-cancellation feature to its AirPods sometime in 2019.  A report from Bloomberg indicates a delay for the over-ear models.

If you are really interested in Apple’s wireless headphones, then there is good news for you that the company is planning to produce two pairs. The first will come this year and that will be more modest, featuring a new chip. It might be named as W2, to succeed the W1. Moreover, it will have an ability to activate Siri without tapping the buds.

The second pair is expected to launch in 2019, and it will feature noise-cancellation and water-resistance, along with an increased wireless range from iOS devices. Apple is also working on to upgrade the AirPods wireless charging case to support its much-delayed AirPower charging bay.

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