Apple Watch 6 series release date delayed

According to a tech leaker the Apple Watch 6 will not arrive in September. The next-generation smartwatch from Apple had previously been rumoured to be released this month, and as soon as next week. 

On Twitter, Leaker @L0vetodream wrote “that there’s no Watch this month,” most probably linked to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 6 could release next to the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup in October, instead. 

With the launch and beta release of its new software watchOS 7, Apple has also been preparing us for the Watch 6. But it’s designed specifically with the future smartwatch in mind, so it gives us some idea of what’s coming from the new device. 

The latest Apple Watch presumably sports a similar look to its predecessors. The square-shaped body will have an OLED panel with curves. There could be small improvements in the size of the screen to fit the new faces of the watch coming to WatchOS7 which will run out of case.

Both the release date leaks of L0vetodream and Prosser’s Apple Watch 6 should be taken with a pinch of salt, as there are a number of rumors swirling right now related to Apple. The company is expected to actually make its comeback with the new watch and the iPhone 12 in the coming weeks. 

A new iPad, key finders from Apple AirTags and a pair of over-ear headphones called AirPods Studio could all make an appearance as we approach the typical hardware release season for Apple. 

As for what we know about the new watch, shipping with the watchOS 7 software is expected and offering incremental improvements over the Apple Watch Series 5. 

Nayab Khan

She has a keen eye on tech innovations and loves to write almost about everything. Contact : [email protected]

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