Apple Watch Series 7 to Arrive with Thin Bezels and a Durable Design Than its Predecessor

The much-awaited Apple Watch Series 7 is going to be launched today. We all have seen a number of media reviews of the Watch series 7, but still we are waiting to witness a clear real-world comparison to its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 6. According to the Silicon Valley giant Apple, the new watch will arrive with reduced bezels that enables the screen to slightly curve at the edges. A new image leak of the Apple Watch Series 7 appeared on Twitter lately that also suggests that the new watch will have a more durable and compact design.

Apple Watch Series 7 to Arrive with Thin Bezels and a Durable Design Than its Predecessor

It is evident that the progress in the tech industry is usually synonymous with making gadgets durable, lighter and smarter. A similar strategy has been followed by Apple. The new watch will feature a larger screen with thin bezels. It has about 20% more screen area than the Series 6 and more than 50% compared to the Series 3.

Furthermore, the Series 7’s larger display also means it will be the first watch to arrive with a QWERTY keyboard and other such features like bigger buttons in apps like Calculator and Alarms. Furthermore, it will operate on an updated WatchOS.

Along with these other new features, the ‌‌Apple Watch Series 7‌‌ will also come with faster charging and with more efficient power consumption. According to a source, the new watch will have 33% faster charging than the Series 6. Moreover, the details also suggest that the aluminum casing will arrive in new color options.

Apart from these features, the new Apple Watch Series 7 has all the same specification that the Series 6. These include features like blood oxygen saturation measurements, an always-on display and the ability to take ECG measurements from the wrist.

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