Apple’s Foldable Device will Look like this

The foldable smartphones race is getting old now. Almost all the big companies are working on flexible smartphones and Samsung and Huawei have even unveiled their devices. However, Samsung and Huawei are not alone, LG Foldable phone will also land soon accompanies by many other companies. However, Apple had remained quiet over the foldable phone for a long time. Even the company’s co-founder had asked where is Apple’s foldable phone. However it seems, the tech giant had delayed it for good reason. Samsung was fast to push the foldalbe device in the market however it badly failed. It seems Apple will launch the device when it is sure that the device is ready to perform in users’ hands.

Apple’s Foldable Device will roll out in 2020

A few months back, Apple’s foldable Device video surfaced on the internet. We saw a sleek foldable iPhone in the video. We get different patents from other tech giants but when it comes to Apple, the plans of the company are always hidden. However, finally, we have come across Apple foldable phone patent.

Apple foldable device

Image Source: GsmArena

The foldable device of Apple in the below-mentioned patent fold inwards just like Samsung Galaxy Fold. According to the patent, Apple foldable phone which is to be launched in 2020 has a protective layer and display layer on the top so that the device can fold easily. The material used in the manufacturing of this protective layer will be ceramic like such as glass or sapphire.

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