Apple’s Heart Monitoring and ECG might Alert about your Health

This year, Apple has displayed several items and two of the most awaited smartwatches: the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. The giant Cupertino is known for its smartwatch idea. In the industry, the smartwatch competition a lot, but their optimized optical heart sensor stands out more with the two new Smart Watches. We might argue that the optical heart sensor for the monitoring of anomaly pulses was always included with Apple Watch. The sensor detects alerts suggesting that the unit owners might not be aware of serious medical problems.

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By adding ECG technology, Apple has brought the health monitoring capabilities of its devices to a whole new dimension. It is clear that Apple Smartwatches’ health-tracking features are the main selling point of their devices.

This Feature Might Give Anxiety and More Stress Than Good

Reports indicate out of 264 patients who registered Apple Watches, only 30 patients were diagnosed with cardiac with a heart rhythm after they had seen their doctor. Most of the cardiac results are likely false-positive warnings.

Perhaps that’s not so dangerous. It’s just a notification, but a false-positive Heart Monitoring warning will also cause a number of complications, even though the person is well.

“It’s impossible for a patient to ignore an alert of Heart Monitoring that they may have a severe medical problem,” said Kirk Wyatt, an assistant pediatric professor at the Mayo Clinic. Patients may be pressured for unnecessary healthcare and tension and anxiety.

Even if they have no signs, they can also have an abnormal warning on Apple’s device and you need to speak to your doctor. Smartwatches are a smart way to monitor people’s own health at home. However, they are not a complete solution for health care.

In improving their cardiac monitoring system, Apple claims to do extensive research. Most people do not know how well atrial fibrillation can be detected by the device. Nothing can help the health care system in a true screening system. The background and nuisance of a disease are not easily understood by a wearable device. So, we suggest you don’t only rely on smart devices applications.

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