Apple’s iCloud for Windows App Comes With a New Version

Now users of Windows 10 will experience a brand new iCloud. Apple and Microsoft have teamed up and have released a new iCloud for Windows app, that is available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users. Users can download that from the Microsoft Store.

Apple’s iCloud for Windows App Comes With a New Version

The iCloud app will be powered by the same technology used in Microsoft’s OneDrive’s On-Demand feature. It will boost offline productivity of users. Furthermore, it will facilitate users in quick file exchanges on iOS, Giorgio Sardo, Engineering General Manager for Microsoft 365 Developer Ecosystem.

The users will have to access their iCloud Drive files from the ‘File Explorer’ itself, without consuming any space on the PC. The users of Windows 10 will also store safely all their files in the iCloud Drive and access them anytime later from their iPhones, MacBooks, or on in the new offering.

It is also allowing users to easily access photos, videos, mail, calendars, files and other information from their iCloud accounts from their PC or smartphone. Other than the iCloud, Apple is offering only one other app in the Microsoft Store – iTunes.

The new version looks great and works amazingly. Apple is trying to make its services more attractive to its users.

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