Apple’s iPhone X New ad uses Face ID to Ease Password Worries

Recently, Apple has released a new commercial to its YouTube channel. In the video Apple has highlighted the usefulness of Face ID on the iPhone X. It shows how it helps users to stop worrying about forgetting passwords for online services.

The ad starts as such there are two persons sitting on the stage in the large theater. The host asks the participant, “This morning you created an online banking password. What is it?”

Apple’s iPhone X New ad uses Face ID to Ease Password Worries

The contestant starts talking to himself in order to remember what he had set. The audience starts jeering at the man when time runs out, intensifying the stressful situation.

The contestant goes in terrible situation but suddenly, he pulls out an iPhone X showing an authentication screen with the password box empty. Face ID activates and allows him to log in, with the scene revealing he is actually sat inside a coffee shop and holding the iPhone X.

The video declares “Your face is your password,” which is also the tagline. After that the man waves his iPhone in celebration to the “memory challenge” audience.

The new commercial is all about to promote Face ID and its functionality. A series of shorter spots showed in April that how Face ID’s biometric authentication can be used to quickly.

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