Apple MacOS Update Releases with Hundreds of New Emojis

Hundreds of new emoji are finally starting to make their way in the Apple operating systems. Apple has released the latest public beta version of MacOS High Sierra and the update comes with hundreds of new emoji, including animals, dinosaurs, and a lot of smileys. Apple MacOS Update Releases with Hundreds of New Emojis.

The update, which is officially called MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1, is now available to those users who are part of Apple’s public or developer beta program.

Apple MacOS Update Releases with Hundreds of New Emojis

The new emoji update is very extensive this time, as mentioned before. It includes six new “face” emoji, a number of fantasy characters which include vampires, and fairies, and mermaids, and new foods which include sandwiches and coconuts and may more. The new emoji also contains dinosaurs.

It also includes the breastfeeding mother character and woman with headscarf emoji that was initially proposed by a 15-year-old Muslim girl from Saudi Arabia.

All of the 56 new characters and they become 183 when you account for gender variations, are live on Mac with the latest MacOS beta. They are also available on iPhone if you have the iOS 11 beta installed on your smartphones.

Unfortunately, the users who are not the beta testers would still have to wait a bit longer to take the new emoji for a spin. For iOS, they are expected as part of the public iOS 11.1 release, which will most probably become available after the iPhone X launches next week. For Mac, the update will also very likely launch in the coming few weeks.

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