Apply for NTN & Prepare Income Tax Return Online at Befiler

Is the lack of a simplified tax preparation and filing system keeping salaried class at bay from filing their tax returns? Is looking for a tax consultant within a preferable payment range had people avoiding the process? The low percentage of people filing their tax returns in Pakistan is a hint towards the need of a more efficient, user friendly, and less daunting vehicle for tax preparation and filing.

Apply for NTN & Prepare Income Tax Return Online at Befiler

With this idea in mind, Mudassir Jokhio, Zeeshan Bhatti, and Akbar Tejani, along with renowned and senior professional advisors Mr. Asad Ali Shah (Former Country Managing Partner of Deloitte Pakistan and member of PM’s Task Force for Restructuring), and Mr. Ashfaq Tola (Managing Partner of Tola Associates and member of Tax Reforms Implementation Commission and Tax Advisory Council) developed Pakistan’s first online tax return preparation portal The initiative aims to provide a platform that simplifies the tax filing process to promote the culture of documentation in Pakistan. With, you can apply for NTN number, and prepare your income tax return within minutes to be reviewed and filed by tax professionals. Incorporated as a private limited company Befiler powers the technology behind the portal while tax services are rendered by Tola Associates, a registered tax consulting firm.
Befiler is a game changer in the tax filing practice. There is no greater discomfort than being partially in control of your finances. One of the most important principal kept in mind while developing the system, was to educate the individuals about their finances, and help them understand where their money was going. Using does not only allow users to become aware of important financial details and the corresponding tax impact, but also educates them about various tax rebates to save taxes as part of the filing process. It follows a step by step process with checks and balances so that a user provides all the relevant information required for tax filing.
Once you log on to, you can easily sign up and start the return preparation process. You will be asked a series of simple question to be answered in yes or no, and to enter basic information like salary income, taxes paid, investments during the tax year, etc. Based on your responses, the system calculates and shows your final tax refund or obligation, as applicable, after adjustment of taxes paid or withheld. The portal has built-in checks and balances to ensure that you have entered all the necessary information required to submit your tax return. Once you have completed the process, the system automatically generate the tax return for review and filing by a tax expert. You will be notified, once the process is completed. In order to keep the services accessible for everyone, the fee for filing tax return has been kept nominal i.e. only Rs. 3,000.
As security is always the top most concern for all online platforms, was developed with the aim to provide all the essential security features including data encryption, Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), spring CSRF security, CSP layer, OpenID for token etc. to ensure that there is no compromise on data security.
From getting you an NTN, to allowing you complete the entire process online in no time, is the answer to the tax preparation and filing hassles. A range of payment options such as credit/debit cards, SIM SIM wallet, and Keenu’s Net Connect, are available. An Urdu version has also been added to widen the accessibility of the portal. Live chat feature lets you find answers to your queries as and when needed during the filing process.


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