AR Snapchat Lenses To Encourage Social Distance

The new Augmented Reality AR Snapchat lenses give customers some guidance about how to stay away from coronavirus. With Snapchat’s latest set of lenses comes a welcome reminder of the importance of visual distancing. The corporation has launched two new lenses in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, using augmented reality AR to give users tips about how to stay well.

New AR Snapchat Lenses include ‘Washing Your Mouth’ and more

One, called “My Social Distance,” allows people to “conduct social distancing” and provides a ground-based AR snapchat circle to better imagine the required space suggested by WHO and other health organisations. Another lens arrives with animated reminders of washing your mouth, remaining home and not scratching your hair. Both lenses link with additional safes to the WHO website

In addition to the latest compatible COVID-19 lenses, Snapchat has also launched a tool that will enable users to post their Snapchat stories outside of Snapchat. The application called Device Stories currently only allows users to post their stories on four applications – Triller, Team, Hily, and Octi. The company however, plans to expand the portfolio of apps to which a user can export his/her Snapchat story.

The latest lenses draw on the company’s previous coronavirus improvements, such as updated mental health tools and virtual distancing-friendly Bitmoji.

Nayab Khan

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