‘Articles For You’ Feature in Google Chrome is Delivering Huge Traffic to News Publishers

Google has done a lot for news and publishing businesses. Fortunately the search giant is apparently got positive results of its continuous struggle. By introducing Articles For You’ Feature in Google Chrome is Delivering Huge Traffic to News Publishers.

A media analytics company, Chartbeat reported that it found a feature known as “Articles for You” on the Google Chrome browser for smartphones. This best feature now sends 341 million visits per month to the web sites of publishers all over the globe.

‘Articles For You’ Feature in Google Chrome Now Provides Huge Benefit to News Publishers

Chartbeat provided some more details this week, it said that news sites are taking huge benefit from Chrome article suggestions than evergreen publishers, who publish how-to guides and other less-timely content. Chartbeat researchers said that Latin America and specific regions in Europe are the best.

When users of Chrome browser on mobile open a new tab, they see a list of suggested articles automatically. “Articles for You,” feature is also called Chrome Content Suggestions.

According to Chartbeat:

when it comes to the services that refer the most readers, Articles For You” have entered the top tier. The report said only Google Search, Facebook and Twitter send more traffic to publishers

This is such a great news for news industry because Publishers have seen revenue declines for decades, and the emergence of the Internet has badly affected this industry. The major reason of the downfall in the revenue of Publishers was that Advertisers who once bought full-page ads in newspapers have shifted much of their ad to Google, Facebook and other tech companies. Google claimed that the company’s search engine and services only help publishers find readers. It seems that Google want to improve the relationship with the news media.

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