Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Health Care For Good

Artificial Intelligence is gaining dominance

Today, in this era of technology, everything is possible. We can easily take care of ourselves with the help of smartphones and of course some health care applications. Samsung and Apple have their built-in health care applications. In this regard, Artificial Intelligence is served as a powerful tool. It is used to detect mood, measuring blood pressure and calculating total steps taken. It must be noted that behind these activities are some complex algorithms.

AI in health care
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Big data analysis is done when minute details are recorded. The smart devices can gather data, for example from a single touch your heart rate is viewed. IoT gadgets control data handling. As data is in large amount thereafter, cloud storage is needed for storing data. This technique is used in hospitals as well to view data trends of the patients. However, it also includes environmental monitoring, home security, pollution detection for chronic patients and more.

View Data Trends

A cloud-based health care technology company, Medidata helped the healthcare centres to view and observe the analysis of cancer patients. After that, results are finalised, and therapies are suggested. The company stored data on Medidata Cloud and carried out the research study for cancer treatment.

Promotes Independent Living

Advanced HealthCare technology focuses on independent living. Once a user knows how to use the application properly, he will not need to visit the doctor. He will know whether conditions are okay for him. Applications are applied to develop a solution so that adults and old ones will take care of themselves on their own. It will comprise of daily routine i.e. total walking steps, sleeping pattern, health risks, hygiene and more.

Chronic Control Device

Smartphones are able to get converted to Chronic Control Device as well. Smart gadgets help to view diet, stress and exercise behaviours to gather the data. Patients can get recommendation and predictions through apps. It is also possible that if the patient’s condition is worse, the app can connect registered Doctor for it.

Apart from the source of entertainment, your smartphone is a virtual healthcare centre for you. AIl technologies are still improving and working with IoT and Big Data Analysis on the latest inventions.

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