Astounding Design and Cutting-edge Fingerprint Technology, Signature Traits of Huawei G8  

Modern marketing strategists are certainly following the rule that a product would only sell well, if it would “look” good, obviously along with extraordinary performance. And people at Huawei have surely made the aforementioned rule, their Mantra. It is quite obvious from the recently launched Huawei devices, that this leading tech company has taken the design perfection to a whole new level. By completely transforming the conventional ways, Huawei is delivering its products in super attractive bodies and the technological features they encase are also unique and matchless.

Huawei has recently introduced its stylish and chic, smart phone G8, in the mobile market of Pakistan. The overwhelming customer response this smart product has received is certainly going to stun the Huawei competitors. The expert team at Huawei research and development center has produced G8 utilizing state of the art design assistance and top quality manufacturing material.

Huawei G8 has got a full metal body and sturdy design for giving the users a strong and premium feel. The manufacturers have carefully incorporated in the casing design, six holes for the speakers, so that the excellent prodigy of Huawei, G8, would not only look great but sound great as well. The screen of G8, 5.5 inches large, has been produced using Gorilla glass, for making it strong and resistant to external scratches, etc.  The display screen has been created with 2.4D curved edges, which give the users 3D-like visual effects.

The latest, enhanced finger print technology integrated in G8 has made this smart phone unbeatable by its current competitor devices. The second-generation, fingerprint technology of G8 would enable its user to unlock his device in just 0.5 seconds. The scanning accuracy in G8 has been doubled than that of its sibling smartphone, Mate 7, owing the advanced algorithm. With the ultimate fingerprint scanning technology, G8 would offer to its user, unconventional ways of controlling their device. Users would be able to check notifications, take pictures, answer call, and switch off alarms with a swift gesture of their finger. With Huawei’s TEE security solution, the fingerprint technology would give the users improved device protection.

CEO of Huawei Pakistan, Mr. Aragon Meng, has expressed his views about G8 in these words:

“This smart phone is one of our highly advanced products. We feel great pride and honor when our smart devices receive heartwarming responses from the customers. It shows that our research and development team’s work is outstanding and Huawei is achieving its goal of making this world a better connected  place.”


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