ASTP and PITB Celebrated Pakistan Day

The Pakistani nation celebrated 76th Pakistan Day on Wednesday with an aim to make the country stronger by minimizing terrorism and achieving stability at political and economic levels. This day was cherished by the Joint Military parade held near the Shakarparian hills in Islamabad.

ASTP and PITB Celebrated Pakistan Day

ASTP and PITB Celebrated Pakistan Day

Another event of Pakistan Resolution Day was also organized by Arfa Software Technology Park Official (ASTP), along with Punjab IT Board (PITB).  The memorable event was attended by Chairman PITB Dr Umar Saif,accompanied by DG IT Operations Faisal Yousaf and JD e-Government Services Fasieh Mehta.

The crowd, consisting of students, Employees of ASTP and faculty members of Information Technology University, gathered outside the building enthusiastically chanted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and sung many national songs. The attendees also sang along as the National Anthem played in the backdrop.

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Chairman PITB Dr Umar Saif recited a poem by the renowned poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz pronouncing the message of peace and harmony. Commemorating the sacrifice of the brave heroes of Pakistan Movement, he urged the youth to unite as one nation for the prosperity of Pakistan.


The passionate crowd responded by chanting the slogans of ‘Peaceful Pakistan’ and ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and gave boost to the event with their patriotic energies.

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