Astronomers Find Closest Black Hole to Earth Ever Discovered

The astronomers have found the nearest black hole to Earth ever discovered. They are shocked about its living arrangements dwelling harmoniously with two stars in an exceptional celestial marriage that may result in a nasty breakup.

The researchers told that the black hole being heaviest things in the universe, at least 4.2 times the mass of our sun, is gravitationally joined to two stars in a so-called triple system about 1,000 light-years from Earth. A light-year is the distance light travels in a year that is equivalent to 9.5 trillion km.

Astronomers Find Closest Black Hole to Earth Ever Discovered

Black holes are remarkably dense objects maintaining gravitational pulls so strong that not even light can pass through. Few are monstrous such as the one at our galaxy’s centre 26,000 light-years from our planet that is four million times the mass of our sun.

The lightweight so-called stellar-mass black holes like the newly discovered one occupy the mass of a single star. This blackhole presumably started its life as a star almost 20 times the sun’s mass that collapsed and resulted in a black hole at the end of its relatively short lifespan.

This triple system, known as HR 6819, can be observed from Earth’s southern hemisphere with the help of naked eye, in the constellation Telescopium. Till now, the closest-known black hole was one perhaps 3 times further away.

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The astrophysicist and study co-author Petr Hadrava of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic told that only a small number of stellar-mass black holes earlier were known. However, perhaps there are hundreds of millions or even a billion of them in the Milky Way. This black hole was detected by using an observatory in Chile, is currently minding its manners and has not torn its two partners, stars about five or six times the mass of the sun.


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