Audio Messages Can Be Speed Up as WhatsApp Coming with Its New Update

Text messages are no longer the primary means of communication. Stickers, emojis, gifs, and voice messages are all ways of communication available today. When it comes to audio messages, WhatsApp makes it more simple for users to increase voice message speed. Some people may dislike the modification. WhatsApp audio speed may be simply adjusted on mobile and desktop.

WhatsApp recently acquired the ability to accelerate playback rates on voice messages and is now going to provide the same functionality to voice messages. According to WhatsApp, this new functionality for audio messages is presently under beta testing on iOS, thus it may initially appear on these smartphones, trailed by Android phones. There is presently no word on when this playback functionality could be available. However, because the playback speed functionality for voice notes currently exists on the platform, it should be available sooner than other beta-tested capabilities.

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Faster WhatsApp Audio Messages Playback Expected for Users

In terms of new features, WhatsApp recently released two new safety-related features: flash call and the ability to report a specific message. The flash call function validates a user’s phone number throughout the registration procedure with a call rather than only the OTP provided via SMS, giving an extra layer of protection to the account. Currently, the functionality is only accessible on Android smartphones.

WhatsApp’s UI differs between iPhone and Android. If you have a problem with the audio speed on your iPhone, the instructions below should help you solve it. Then, open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Open the chat where you wish to listen to the voice message. Finally, navigate to the received voice message. Press the Play button and look at the chat bubble to see what the current speed is.

Audio Messages WhatsApp

This is what they mean.

1x – 1x indicates that WhatsApp will play the audio message at regular speed.

1.5x – 1.5x specifies that the message will be played at 1.5 times the normal pace.

2x – 2x indicates that WhatsApp will play the message twice as fast.

The method for increasing WhatsApp audio speed on Android stays the same. Because it employs a little different UI.

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