Avast launches browser with built-in YouTube downloader

Talking about the browsers there are a lot of high speed and good quality browsers but now Avast has launched their browser with new integrated built-in YouTube downloader with greater functionality and integrated security for your data and private browsing.

The Amazing Built-in YouTube downloader

Avast SafeZone, also known as avastium is industrialised by the squad of Avast antivirus there ultimate focus is on internet security and reliability. This browser is based on chromium.

We are tried to be interrupted by ads every time when we are reading an article or watching some kind of video. Now don’t worry Avast browser have automatic functionality to blocks ads because if the browser has less load then it means the browser is faster. Provides you no intermissions and profligate browsing. Now Avast browser has VPN and safety to your passwords.

YouTube and Avast

We have all faced problem while downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other things for browser. We have to use third-party paid software or plugin to download videos and files.
Considering this, Avast browser has finally come up with a great solution to your problem of video copying and now you can download videos directly from YouTube with new Avast browser.

This downloader appearances is very clever and informal to use .when browser detects video on webpage or YouTube this will offer you to download the video in the following quality either in extraordinary quality, average quality or low-slung quality. Other than that you can also rip the audio from your favorite videos and something you can listen to later as a podcast.

Final Thoughts

In addition, if you save video or audio in your browser or you can make it favorite on streaming websites. All these are far away from a single click. This built-in YouTube downloader is currently available for windows 7, 8, and 10. All you need is a free space of 400mb on your personal computer and that’s it you are good to go. Have you tried the built-in YouTube downloader yet?

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