AWAL Telecom and Ufone Signs Tower Leasing Agreement

AWAL Telecom and Ufone Signs Tower Leasing Agreement – A step further towards Towers Infrastructure Consolidation in Pakistan. AWAL Telecom (A major Telecom Infrastructure Operator in Pakistan) AND UFONE(A cellular Operator in Pakistan); have entered into passive infrastructure sharing agreement, under which UFONE will benefit from AWAL’s diverse and connected network infrastructure across Pakistan.

Under the terms of the agreement, where UFONE will have access to AWAL’s existing Infrastructure in a Niche Market; AWAL will also establish new Tower Infrastructure for UFONE on a build-to-suit model.

AWAL Telecom and Ufone Signs Tower Leasing Agreement

AWAL’s focus on the passive infrastructure and power will enable UFONE to accelerate networks modernization and technological advancement; all with a hassle free and a strong passive Infrastructure provider at the back. The deal also marks a step forward towards consolidation of Tower Infrastructure in Pakistan; where Telecom Operators continue to compete strongly against each other in Pakistani Market while freeing up CapEx and reducing OpEx by leveraging from Infrastructure with the tower company.

AWAL Telecom and Ufone Signs Tower Leasing Agreement

Akbar Shaukat, Chief Executive of AWAL Telecom, said:

“The Tower Infrastructure partnership agreement with UFONE is a beginning of a long term business relation between both companies where not only Tower Infrastructure Sharing will be the subject, but will also give opportunities to partner in terms of Active Infrastructure sharing in the times to come. AWAL shall ensure that UFONE network is continually enhanced and expanded while maintaining low operating costs for the network operator”.

Alam Khan, Chief Procurement Officer of UFONE, said:

“The Infrastructure sharing in the Telecom Industry is surely the need of the day. We foresee one or two Infrastructure Companies to completely consolidate the whole Tower Industry in a very near future ; such contracts and agreements pave way towards materialization of this vision”.

Akbar Shaukat, Chief Executive of AWAL Telecom said:

“Placing tower infrastructure in the hands of tower specialists benefits consumers, businesses and local economies, as well as the operators themselves. Our hands-on experience and towers portfolio in the market, coupled with strong relationships with mobile network operators and equipment suppliers, allows us to bring improvements right across the value chain”.

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