Awesome Save. Safe. Upgrade!

Compromise, it’s not a pretty word. But when you are re choosing a new smartphone, you are often faced with it.

Samsung thinks that everyone should have an AWESOME phone and that AWESOME innovation is something no one should feel like they’re missing out on.

Samsung has thought about everything people have the right to expect from their phones and – using the same innovation power they are famous for in their flagship devices – brought them together in a unique & affordable package.

Galaxy A is a series that anyone can aspire to owning. What it offers is simple: an awesome phone at an awesome price.

Because Awesome is for Everyone!


A crisp screen is essential to enjoy content to the full. So, they have not just made their Galaxy A screens a little bigger and brighter. Instead, they have installed their signature Super AMOLED Infinity Display. Big AND beautiful.


Galaxy A has AWESOME cameras on the front and the back. On top of an AWESOME main camera it also has Ultra-Wide, Depth, Macro and Super-Steady modes. So, whatever you’re shooting, it’ll be AWESOME. There’s also magic in their front camera: Selfie Focus and their AI powered Flaw Detection mean selfies will be more AWESOME than ever.


We know that AWESOME features usually require an AWESOME amount of power. That’s why they have built their blockbuster batteries into Galaxy A. A battery that you can depend on to you get you through the day

Keeping The AWESOME Going

While screen, camera and battery are at the heart of Galaxy A, we know it takes a lot more to make an AWESOME phone. So, they have added expandable storage and AI-enhanced performance so the AWESOME is never interrupted. Also, their Knox security platform and gorilla glass screen mean their phone and everything in it is safe from whatever the outside world throws at it.

  • Three Generations of Android OS Updates guaranteed

Samsung has committed to supporting its users to fully enjoy the latest mobile experiences while they are using Galaxy devices. By supporting up to three generations of Android OS upgrade, Samsung has extended the lifecycle of its Galaxy products to provide a simple and secure mobile experience that takes advantage of the latest innovations as soon as they are available. This feature is available in A51, A71 and selected upcoming A series devices.

  • Comes with Google apps

Apps you know and love from Google and on Google play. The Galaxy A phones come with the most helpful Google apps built right in. Find all the apps you use every day, on the world’s largest app store. And they are all kept safe by Google play protect. 

  • Flagship Camera features

The Galaxy A51 and A71 now have the flagship camera features. Among the new camera features are Single Take and Night Hyperlapse. Single Take lets you capture using several different camera modes simultaneously, and then pick from the results, while Night Hyperlapse is designed to offer better hyperlapse videos in low-light. There’s a new custom filter mode that lets you create filters using your existing photos, and the phones also offer manual focus and shutter speed controls for photography.

  • Secured by Knox

Stay secured, stay worry free!  No matter what you do. The Galaxy A devices come with KNOX security, which protects all your data. Every Knox device is built from the hardware chip up to isolate, encrypt, and secure your data – including confidential files, credit card transactions, passwords, and health data – so you can protect everything you care about. Defense-grade security available to everyone!

  • Customer support service | 0800-72678

It also offers great customer support with any issues related to repairs and replacements being handled to the customers’ satisfaction. It provides professional technical services at your doorstep and through call.


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