Background Floating Tube & Dingless | APP of the day | 12th April, 2017

Background Floating Tube & Dingless | APP of the day

This program is based on smartphone app review, where we’ll discuss apps and their amazing features.

Today we are going to review – Background Floating Tube

Watch videos in background floating video player…

– Watch videos in background floating video player.
– Move video player to where you want.
– Resize as you want the video player.
– Notification control.
– Free.

Today we are going to review – Dingless – Notification Sounds

Dingless is an absurdly simple notification manager that solves a problem you probably never realized existed. Notification sounds or vibrations aren’t necessary when you are already looking at your screen or listening to music. Are they? Why getting noisy sounds when watching your youtube videos, chatting with your friends, streaming music to your bluetooth device or doing some sports?

Dingless is a notifications manager, that does the following:


1) New ! Driving mode widget. Don’t let others disturb you with text notifications while driving. Did you know that 5 seconds is the minimal amount of attention that a driver who texts takes away from the road.

2) Eliminates notification sound alerts while using your smartphone. Alerts will be restored automatically once the screen is switched off.

3) It gives you the ability to control your vibrations along with sound notifications and get rid of the unnecessary ones.

4) Music mode disables sound notifications while listening to your music or streaming from your favorite channels.

5) Pre-set time lapses between two successive notification sound while you are away from your smartphone.
a) If you have a rush of notification sound within a certain time frame, only one alert will be played.
b) Control how often you need to be notified when smartphone is being charged or nearby. Pre-set time is defined in app settings.


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