Barely Blue colored Google Pixel 4a is the Next Cool Option

Google mid-range Pixel 4A smartphone, which was launched back in August, will now come in a limited-edition color known as “Barely Blue.” Initially, its color was so dull because it was available in only one color- just Black. But now the unique blue color variant will be available starting from Monday in the US for the same price of $349. Barely Blue colored Google Pixel 4a is one of the best devices to be bought.

Remember, this color is limited edition, so it will not be restocked once it sells out. Besides the United States, the Barley Blue color will be available in Japan later this year 2020.

Barely Blue colored Google Pixel 4a is the Next Cool Option

Barley Blue, the name of the colorway, is amazingly descriptive, and this color is not boring like a black one. This new smartphone offers a very pale kind of “Baby blue,” nothing too loud- unless you count the yellow power button. This power button is an interesting design touch that we have seen Google meddle with before.

This latest phone is offering a 5.81-inches OLED display screen along with the Snapdragon 730 processor. The phone’s internal storage is 128GB, with 6GB of RAM. It offers a 3140mAh battery. The device features a 12 MP camera and a rear-mounted sensitive fingerprint sensor.
Moreover, it is a solid and classy phone for the price, and it even looks fantastic in Google’s new Barley Blue color.

Besides the new color, the specifications of the Barley Blue Pixel 4a are the same as the Just Black Pixel 4a. The internal working of the device, the price, everything is exactly the same. So, if you like the phone in blue color, then do not spend a lot of time thinking about and purchasing one, for this might, in fact, be a limited edition, obviously with limited stock. Once the phone is gone, it’s gone. Maybe it should have been in red and called it Supreme edition or something interesting.

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