10 Basic Etiquettes For Personality Grooming

Personality Grooming Hacks

Before a person even talks, there is so much being delivered through the body language and get up. In here, I will be sharing 10 of my basic etiquettes which I have gained through experience, personal and personality grooming training, to impress people in your surroundings. Adopt them to seize that first impression of yours!

1. Proper Hygiene

Your teeth should be properly prepped regularly. If you are facing issues like bad breath visit your dentist immediately or consume edible mouth fresheners before close contacts.
→ Hair:
Hair should be properly washed, combed and tied. Have lice check regularly.
→ Body:
Take a bath daily before going out. Use deodorant if you are very sweaty, also use a strong body spray in a moderate amount to avoid embarrassing body odours.
→ Nails:
Whether males or females, your nails should be properly prepped; trimmed equally, no stuck-in dirt should be there and if nail polish is applied it should not be chipped at all. This applies for toenails as well.

2. Appropriate Dressing

→ Under-Dressed:
For any occasion or place, you are under-dressed when you fail to come up to the average dress code. For example, wearing your Bermudas to the university is being under-dressed.

→ Over-Dressed:
You may have commented or even heard comments like: “lagta hay apnay waleemay pay aya hay”. This happens when you are over-dressed. Wearing formals like sari or tuxedo to your university or work-place may come under being over-dressed.

→Dressing moderately and modestly:

10 Basic Etiquettes For Personality Grooming
Dressing moderately is equally important as dressing modestly. Muslim females tend to ignore this fact. Even if you are to cover yourselves properly and wear a burqa or a hijab. There are now beautiful and presentable ways to do that. Know that Islam doesn’t restrict one to become presentable, it is only immodesty that Islam prohibits.

Same goes for the men who prefer wearing shalwar kameez alone. Firstly, know that western clothing if modest is not at all haram. Secondly, if you wish to stick to shalmar kameez it is perfectly fine. Just follow the neat and clean dress code.

3. Foot Wear

Footwear is the most noticeable feature of a person. You should always prefer fleets or closed shoes in places where you have to move a lot and your feet may get dirty. Do not wear casual slippers to work. If you wish to show off those summers slippers anyway, make sure your feet are prepped.

4. Hand Carry

Always carry a bag along to keep your things managed and to avoid those bulging out, stuffed pockets. Your hand-carry should always include:

  • Mouth-freshening strips.
  • Body spray.
  • Tissues.
  • small comb.

5. Body Language

  • While walking, sitting and standing always keep your back straight, this symbolizes confidence and strength of personality.
  • Make eye contact when talking or being talked to.
  • Do not use your mobile phone when talked to.
  • Do not pass comments or stare at passersby.
  • Keep your head straight and look into the direction you are moving, not at the floor.
  • Have your hands tied at the back or at the front when talking to a respectable person or an elderly.
  • Do not run, unless you have to.

6. Retouchings In Public

10 Basic Etiquettes For Personality Grooming

Never correct your makeup in public, even if it is re-applying lipstick or sunblock. Always go to a dressing room or toilet for that.

7. Free Favours

Do not be habitual of asking free favours unless you are in a dire need of them. Free favours are never free, they cost you your self-respect and dignity.

8. Laugh

  • Your laugh tells a lot about you. Do not fake a laugh and be confident that your laugh is beautiful and it makes you seem even more beautiful.
  • Laugh in a restricted manner when in public, do not laugh your lungs out.
  • Do not spit while laughing.
  • Do not hit others while laughing.
  • If you cannot control your laugh try covering your mouth with a hand.

9. Personal Problem Sharing

Repeat after me: ” NO ONE GIVES A DAMN”. Whatever your personal problems are, keep them personal. Only share them with personal people who are really close to you. No one has the time to listen to your personal tales.

10. Easy To Go Person

People always tend to like and appreciate personalities who are ‘Easy to go’. This means that:

  • Complain less, appreciate more.
  • Ask less, give more
  • Understand more.
  • Help more.
  • Greet more.
  • Show more gratitude.

Hope these 10 personality tips help you well. Adopt them to impress your interviewer, teachers or colleagues. These tips will help you in grooming your personality and will make you stand out of the crowd.

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