Battery Issues In Smart Phones

With the dawn of smartphones one may believe that they must be flawless as compared to normal mobile phones and have probably abolished the likes of them but with all the technical goodies that the Smartphones bribe us in to buying one may not be pleased with the long-term issues!

Smartphones today are usually powered to almost 1 GHz of processing speed, which is very powerful as compared to the old simple phones, but with the amount of Grade A Applications that constantly drain the battery creates issues!

Consider a scenario where you have a Android or IOS powered phone, chances are that you would be installing many applications from the respective app market such as Facebook, Gmail, IMDB or latest news, Applications today usually require internet to update and get the fetch the latest RSS Feeds.

Considering that, not only does the application itself drains the battery, but the fact that the requirement for a Wi-Fi connection and GPS also has a vital toll on the battery which hence drains it out much quickly when first purchased. Another major difference on why Smartphone Battery tend to be much less reliable than that of a simple phone is because that important everyday function as basic SMS on a smartphone is designed according to a threaded algorithm, which we now dub as “Threaded SMS Chat” where not only conversation history is maintained, but it is maintained for as many new contact you start to chat with.

Application Memory Drain
Messaging (Simple) 16.07 MB
Facebook 55.93 MB
Instagram 85.10 MB
Picture Gallery (Built in)15.43 MB
AccuWeather check (Widget)13.26 MB
IMDB 18.14 MB
Total 203.93 MB

The above applications were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note which has a 800 MB RAM for use, and on a constant run you drain 203.93 MB out of the whole 800 MB which is 25% of the entire CPU that ultimately becomes very difficult to manage for the battery!

All smartphones have battery issues as the common denominator as their weak point, whether be a iPhone or a Galaxy note, and though they are still an issue , we can still avoid such issues by cautioning ourselves to


1-    Remember to stop all running programs when there is no need for them

2-    Always charge our Smartphones fully, and not to charge it when there is still some charge left

3-    Switch off the Wi-Fi and GPS when there is no service available!

4-    Always remember to clear your phone’s system RAM more often!

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