BBC Brings About New Guidelines After Accusations

The British Broadcasting Corporation at London brought about amendments in their guidelines. This came out on Thursday after the accusation of loss in the credibility through the social media accounts or by taking the profitable offers to give speeches outside. The journalists and other staff were allegedly blamed for undermining the BBC forum; thus, the impartial instructions were unveiled.

BBC Brings About New Guidelines After Accusations

The working staff, contractors and freelancers were threatened with the punishment of dismissal in case of breaching of the new-laid guidelines. The Broadcaster stated that this was an incoming pressure from the part of the ruling Conservatives, due to its funding and perhaps politics of some personnel. The New Director General Tim Davie mentions in his statement that foundation is the impartiality upon which there will be the deliverance of stories that have an insight, excitement and are groundbreaking.

This new Director-General seems to have Gary Kineker, the former British footballer, as a potential star in sight. He tends to be publicly funded by the BBC and is known to be the, best-paid presenter. Alongside he also carries an outspoken voice on Twitter too. With some Corporation staff at his side Lineker backed a campaign by Marcus Rashford, footballer of the Manchester United, that urged the government officials to provide free school meals to the children that cannot afford outside term time in the coronavirus pandemic situation.

BBC is also seen to defend for being a failure to control the outside activities by the presenters, as in Miami where Jon Sopel was brought into criticism for giving a paid speech to Philip Morris, the tobacco giant.

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