Bearbot: An Expressive Universal Remote that Responds to Gestures

Created by Mu Design in Luxembourg, Bearbot is equipped with a revolutionary 3D gesture recognition sensor, whereby it can detect your gestures and translate them into action.

BearBot, is an adorable smart home device. Its an expressive universal remote that responds to gestures. It can be tamed after one training session. From the moment he is tamed, Bearbot responds immediately to each of your commands and becomes indispensable in the house.

Bearbot: An Expressive Universal Remote that Responds to Gestures

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BearBot can help you with most things around the house. Including your lights, TV, thermostat, stereo and shutters. It ca be used for anything that uses a remote.

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This little bear operates by using an infrared blaster. With a radius of about 16 feet. That requires line of sight for successful use. The IR range increases when you adopt BearBot’s cubs. Mini BearBot isn’t cooperative, but will transmit the IR signal.

It costs $111 on its own or $140 with a cub. Obviously this is not a bear requirement. But it is still charming.

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